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Facebook Tracks Specific Details About Your Life

Facebook is a very popular website owns by Mark Zuckerberg for social networking. It allows the registered users to create their profiles. Not only profiles, but allows to upload images and videos and to keep in touch with friends and families. It is the world’s most used online site. It is available in 37 different […]

World’s greatest inventions of technology

The age of modern man starts about nearly 200,000 years ago. As a result now the world has many innovations and inventions. In this modern age there are gadgets everywhere and people are using different devices for every purpose. The inventions of the man start from a wheel and a paper. And now the man […]

How to get people to say “YES”

When it is about selling nobody wants to hear “No”. Goal of every salesperson is to get people say “Yes”. In psychology it is called “Compliance”. It is the most difficult task to sell something when you don’t even know the ways to get people says yes. Let us understand the importance of compliance by […]

Inspirational Quotes of Richest Billionaires

Have you ever thought that what comes in mind of any ordinary man which leads them to be a multi-billionaire one day? Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. “Inspiration” those people was inspired by something. This ultimately pushes them to do wonders. That is why we have gathered inspirational quotes for you. […]