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It’s time to leave your JOB: 5 signs

Are you constantly thinking that you’re a misfit at your work place? You don’t believe that you are doing your dream job? Constantly stressed about work? If so, then it might be time that you should move on. Teri Hockett says: Some employees know when they’ve reached a point where it’s time for a change, […]

8 signs of Gaslighting victim in a relationship

Gaslighting: Before proceeding with the signs we must understand that what does gaslighting actually means. We hear this term more often in our surroundings. So let’s get to know about it. Gaslighting is a type of psychological manipulation in order to seek power.  Sometimes it creates a doubt in targeted person (victim) to even question […]

Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Can Gratitude really changes our lives? Unfortunately gratitude is one of the most underused feeling. Above all we spend our ample time being frustrated angry and complaining about our lives. We spend some time feeling happy but that seems to be rare nowadays. But grateful? Not so much. We are getting materialistic day by day. […]

Difference between 2 psychology terms Sociopath Psychopath

Sociopath Psychopath are most commonly used terms. Which are basically conspired with Hollywood to put these two seemingly- sexy psychology terms into our consciousness. But as far as their differences are concerned they are not properly defined in psychology research. So, people find much confusion about them. Before getting to know about the differences. We […]

5 steps to heal a broken heart

Everybody is well aware of the fact that it is not easy at all to deal with a broken heart. One cannot easily get over it even though trying very hard. This suffering can lead to depression which worsens the other relationships. But don’t worry to every problem there is always a solution.   Relationship […]