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How to get people to say “YES”

When it is about selling nobody wants to hear “No”. Goal of every salesperson is to get people say “Yes”. In psychology it is called “Compliance”. It is the most difficult task to sell something when you don’t even know the ways to get people says yes. Let us understand the importance of compliance by […]

Inspirational Quotes of Richest Billionaires

Have you ever thought that what comes in mind of any ordinary man which leads them to be a multi-billionaire one day? Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. “Inspiration” those people was inspired by something. This ultimately pushes them to do wonders. That is why we have gathered inspirational quotes for you. […]

Signs of High Intelligence, 3 surprising signs

To measure one’s intelligence is very trendy these days on internet. Many apps are available on internet which claims to measure your intelligence. Despite these, there are many misconceptions about highly intelligent people. People are always indulging in debates that how can one finds out the highly intelligent individual. Albert Einstein once said: “It is […]

Amazing ways to make you Happy Inside out

Are you tired of your boring life? Don’t find any happiness in life? Want to kill the boredom and monotony of your regular routine? Want to be happier and successful in life? So don’t worry at all. Let me share some simple and amazing ways to make you happy 🙂 First and the foremost thing […]

It’s time to leave your JOB: 5 signs

Are you constantly thinking that you’re a misfit at your work place? You don’t believe that you are doing your dream job? Constantly stressed about work? If so, then it might be time that you should move on. Teri Hockett says: Some employees know when they’ve reached a point where it’s time for a change, […]