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Madeeha Majeed, Author at Chemistries of Life
5 things they do to control you

What Controlling Personalities Do To Keep You under Them

Before moving forward and knowing about the things due to which controlling personalities keep you under them. We should know about what controlling personality is actually in reality.  Like many other people we also sometimes experienced the situations when someone is demanding us not to do certain thing. But when we inquire about that why […]

Relationship Between Nutrition And Healthy Lifestyle

Want to know the relationship between Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle. Her you go. In order to be active, one has to live an active, healthy lifestyle. Besides doing heavy workouts one should preserves and increases the strength of bones, muscles, heart, lungs and immune system by having a healthy diet. Keeping the body foundations in […]

Facebook Tracks Specific Details About Your Life

Facebook is a very popular website owns by Mark Zuckerberg for social networking. It allows the registered users to create their profiles. Not only profiles, but allows to upload images and videos and to keep in touch with friends and families. It is the world’s most used online site. It is available in 37 different […]

signs that your spouse is cheating

All the Signs that show your spouse may be cheating

Are you noticing that something is going wrong between you and your spouse? Are you noticing some changes in your spouse’s behavior? You have suspected for weeks, maybe months. Are you wondering that your spouse may be cheating on you ? What are the signs that your spouse is cheating? Whenever you talk about this […]

Want to Control your Emotions ?? Find some Amazing ways

Emotion is a very strong feeling deriving from a person’s mood or circumstances. In a person’s life emotions are the most pressing and sometimes these are the most painful feelings. No doubt these emotions are the only thing that can dictate our thoughts. Acting upon the emotion too quickly or doing things according to wrong […]

3 different types of attchments

3 Attachments which drive your Relationship

Are you always craving for your partner’s attention? Always want to be with them? Could it be the reason that you are attached to them? But you know what there are not only healthy attachments. Apart from healthy attachments sometimes people build a more damaging sense of attachment from fear or emotional neediness. Let me […]

World’s greatest inventions of technology

The age of modern man starts about nearly 200,000 years ago. As a result now the world has many innovations and inventions. In this modern age there are gadgets everywhere and people are using different devices for every purpose. The inventions of the man start from a wheel and a paper. And now the man […]