5 things they do to control you

What Controlling Personalities Do To Keep You under Them

Before moving forward and knowing about the things due to which controlling personalities keep you under them. We should know about what controlling personality is actually in reality.  Like many other people we also sometimes experienced the situations when someone is demanding us not to do certain thing. But when we inquire about that why not the reply is “ I just do not want you to do”.

Controlling personalities opt to control others so that they could feel safe confident and secure. Unfortunately the other person whom has been controlled will ultimately question his/her independence. And in the end will ruin his/her self-esteem.

Now, let’s get to know about the things controlling personalities do to keep you under them.

5 Things Controlling Personalities Do:

  1. Constantly Criticizing Everything you Do:

Controlling personalities are never satisfied with the things being done by other people.

Controlling personalities

They will feel that the other person even after the direction given by you is still doing it wrong. Simply you can say that everything you do from the way you dress to the kind of job you have, you are just not good enough for them.

  1. Hating the word “WHY?”

Controlling people don’t want to be questioned. They hate it very much when they are questioned. Because they just want to control you without question. They considers their word as law.

  1. Intentionally Creating Distance:

The common tactic that is being overly used is that once you meet him/her they’ll show intense closeness. As soon as you start getting close, they will intentionally distance themselves.

This tactic is designed to make you fall head-over-heels in love so quickly that when things slow down, you are too far down the rabbit hole to escape.

  1. Making You Feel Bad for Being Yourself:

After getting to recognize the behaviors of controlling personalities, they ‘ll say in the end that “you are CHANGED”.

They rely on their words having power over you, and as soon as that comes to a screeching halt, it’s your fault. How dare you show signs of independence after they tried so fervently to steal it away from you?

  1. Using Guilt To Manipulate You:

Most common phrases will be used by controlling people are below:

“If you love me, you will….”

“You’ll hurt me if you don’t….”

All of these are to manipulate you through guilt. Their intention is to use your love and get what they want. This is a horribly destructive pattern as this will result in permanent emotional damage.

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