Facebook Tracks Specific Details About Your Life

Facebook is a very popular website owns by Mark Zuckerberg for social networking. It allows the registered users to create their profiles. Not only profiles, but allows to upload images and videos and to keep in touch with friends and families. It is the world’s most used online site. It is available in 37 different languages.

This social network contains about 2 billion users from around the world. It has a lot of free content which makes the users to use this site for hours. It seems that in the future this site will attain more attention of people for longer time and in other Facebook-owned sites like Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram.

The more time we use Facebook the more data it collects from each of us. That data is the source to make the advertisers to put their ads on facebook. And to give dollars to Facebook’s coffers.

Facebook having our Personal Information:

Facebook screen shot

The above picture shows some of the information about a person. Though it is little in fraction but it is more than enough to being described by a person who have never met him. All this little fraction of information that facebook have about a person is quite good to describe. For example who he is and in what things he have interest in. This information tells what type of phone he is using. Which computer system and browser he uses. And also tells his travel habits and political leanings. Moreover, all of these predictions are made according to that which pages he has liked, his status updates, what his friends like, his location and career. And even that how he interact with the ads and his other accounts.

This is all the information that facebook have about a person. on the other hand it is very amazing and scary too that an online site have a lot of information about a man. This is our personal information that all of us give it to Facebook and we really do not know about it.

Above all we are feeling fear from hackers that they might get our personal data. But in my opinion the biggest threat to our online data is from the sites that we use frequently on daily basis.

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