Want to Control your Emotions ?? Find some Amazing ways

Emotion is a very strong feeling deriving from a person’s mood or circumstances. In a person’s life emotions are the most pressing and sometimes these are the most painful feelings. No doubt these emotions are the only thing that can dictate our thoughts. Acting upon the emotion too quickly or doing things according to wrong emotion can make some bad decisions and a person can realize it gradually. Moreover emotions have a really strong affect that people can make totally wrong decisions.

Negative emotions:

Negative emotion such as envy, disappointment, anger, hate, etc. are the feelings that can cause you to be miserable and sad. For example having negative emotion will make you dislike yourself and other people.


Negative emotion will grow slowly inside you and are just like weeds. Without controlling these types of emotions you can become bad person. Here are some steps to control these emotions:

  1. Do not react immediately:

The one of the biggest mistake is to react right away. For sure you will regret later when you say or do something immediately. While dealing with emotional arguments first take a deep breath and stabilize yourself and then react on the situation.

  1. Seek guidance from God:

For getting over the emotional thoughts one should make a healthy and strong connection with the god no matter from which creed you belong to. It will help you cross the obstacles in your way more easily.

  1. Change your previous thoughts:

The negative emotion give us the negative thoughts which create the cycles of negative patterns. When you are dealing with an emotion which is causing bad thoughts and things coming again and again in your mind then force these type of thoughts out of your mind by replacing them from the good thoughts.

  1. Find some healthy outlet to share your emotions:

When you overcome your emotions you need to release them. Bottling up the emotion can be dangerous. Go and see a friend which you can trust. Discuss the entire situation with your friend and get his or her opinion. Hearing some other thoughts rather than yours will make your awareness broader.

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