Amazing Facts About Google That Nobody Is Aware Of !!

In this fast moving world we often use Google many times a day but there are some interesting and amazing facts about the Google which most of us do not know.  So are you ready to know some of the amazing facts about Google? Some these facts are listed below:

Amazing facts about Google:

Amazing facts about google

  1. When we go to the Google homepage and type the words “I want to commit suicide”. Then the Google will show us the helpline numbers of suicide of our country.
  2. While using Google Maps click on the satellite view option and then zoom out as much as you can. An amazing view of Earth with real time shadows will appear. It is amazing that we can see real time clouds if we zoom in twice.
  3. The Google gave a whole first week of July as holiday to a worker of Google when her daughter wrote a letter to Google to give him a holiday for his birthday.
  4. At the Headquarter of Google in California there is a pet of Google which is a T-Rex named as Stan. It is there to remind the workers and employees to not let Google go extinct.
  5. When we search “atari breakout” and open the Google images, we can there play the game. Isn’t it amazing?
  6. Since 2010 Google is buying more than one company per week.
  7. We can see an amazing map of Mars by just going to the Google Mars.
  8. Google can spell any number accurately if we type it in the search bar.
  9. To mow the lawns and fields of Google HQ the goats are taken on rent from the California Grazing. The employees there say that it is very cute to watch goats mowing than the lawn mowers.
  10. To view the stars, galaxies and other planets one should just check it out on the Google Sky Maps.

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