World’s greatest inventions of technology

The age of modern man starts about nearly 200,000 years ago. As a result now the world has many innovations and inventions. In this modern age there are gadgets everywhere and people are using different devices for every purpose. The inventions of the man start from a wheel and a paper. And now the man has improved really much in the field of science and technology. As a matter of fact fortunately today’s man uses very high-tech devices in daily routine.So let me share some of the man’s greatest inventions in the field of technology.

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Few Greatest inventions:

  • Cellular Phone:

Communication had played an important role for man in his relations and also in the wars. It is incredible that today’s man can easily communicate with other people with the help of a mobile phone. As compared to the old-fashioned way of communication through a pen and a paper that is writing letters etc. nowadays people are communicating with others very easily. Moreover with the help of a cellular phone people can communicate with each other whether they are sitting in two different corners of the world.

  • Global Positioning System (GPS):

The first Telegraph, GPS was developed by the U.S. Military in 1978. This system consists of a number of satellites. Every people in the world carry smart phones in which they have installed the GPS app. The Global Positioning System is used to find the correct or exact location of an object. Even anywhere in the air or in the water or on the surface of the Earth.

  • Personal Computers (PC):

The list of the world’s greatest inventions cannot be completed without entering the Personal Computers.  The personal computers are made for individual users. The first general purpose computer was invented in 1947. PC were invented by John Eckert and William Machly. The PC’s are getting stronger and faster day by day. No doubt, because of the more inventions of technology.

Amazing invention:

  • Internet:

The internet has affected the world most greatly than any other inventions. In fact the life has become very easy with the invention of internet. In the late 60’s the internet was invented. It was available for the public in the 90’s. Above all the internet has also played very important role in communication and information. And no doubt, it is also responsible for changing lives of the people.

  • Remote Controls:

In 1955 the remote controls were invented. It is undeniably impressive that the remote control allows you to change the TV channels. Moreover it lets you even run through your slideshows. Isn’t it really great and amazing that we are controlling the remote control cars and planes with its help.

  • Digital Cameras:

The digital computers are loved. Just because they are helpful in capturing the beautiful and sentimental moments of life. Above all, nowadays high-tech cameras are used in the mobile phones to record the best memories.

  • Computer Mouse:

A mouse was invented in 1964 by Douglas Engelbart. He was a radar technician from the Stanford Research Institute. It is named as “MOUSE” because of its round body and its tail-like chord. A mouse creates an ease for using a computer. On the other hand it is one of the technologies that are often overlooked.

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