Men’s brains are wired differently than that of the women’s:

A new study on the brains shows that the brains of men and women are wired differently. It’s not that the men are from a different origin as that of women but still the men’s brains are wired differently.

A leader Ragini Verma who is an associate professor of radiology. At the University of Pennsylvania medical school said that “In men the front and the back parts of the brain are connected more strongly than the women whereas the women have very strong connections from left to right”.

Some behavioral differences are also found in men and women due to the different wiring inBrains neurons connection the brain. For example, better verbal and social cognition are being shown by women. Whereas the men have more interest in the motor and the spatial skills.

Researches show that there is a higher percentage of gray matter in the women brain. But in brain of men there is a high percentage of the white matter. It also proves that the brains of men and women are connected differently.

There are stronger connections within the cerebral hemisphere in the brain of the young men. On the other hand, in young women brain, there are connections between only the hemi spheres.

Functions of parts of the brains:

The front part of the brain controls different actions. While the back of the brain is linked with the thoughts and perception. The right side of brain promotes intuitive thinking. But the left hemisphere of the brain is the site of logical thinking. These ideas support the view that males are good at motor skills than women who are better in intuitive thinking.

After researches when the brains of young people were compared. It was observed that most of the brain differences occur in adolescents of age group 13 to 17 years old. The greatest difference in male and female brain was of the connectivity in inter -hemisphere of brain. These differences become less with the factor age.

Hence, proved that men’s brains are wired differently than that of the women’s.

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