How to get people to say “YES”

When it is about selling nobody wants to hear “No”. Goal of every salesperson is to get people say “Yes”. In psychology it is called “Compliance”.

It is the most difficult task to sell something when you don’t even know the ways to get people says yes. Let us understand the importance of compliance by “fixed-action patterns”. Fixed action pattern is defined as the set of precise and predictable sequence of behavior. You may call it as an automatic response to certain thing.

As far as fixed action patterns are concerned they are very common in animals as compared to human beings. But don’t worry you can actually use a trigger. For example you can use a trigger to get your desirable behavior, like getting people say yes to the request you make.

In Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion Robert B. Cialdini, a specialist in the area of compliance psychology, says that

“… Automatic, stereotyped behavior is prevalent in much of human action …”

Five Ways to Get People to Say “Yes”

So moving forward let me share five ways which will ultimately benefits you in your selling.

Say “YES”


As we all are very well aware of the fact that the fear of losing something is much greater than having a hope to gain something. More importantly this is how we can change the behavior of someone. For example by properly engaging the instinctive tendency to avoid losing something — or avoid losing the chance to possess something desirable — you can trigger a “yes” response with scarcity.


In general we are more prone to the respond to authority. In fact we are independent individuals but still we seek experts to give us the answers. Even the symbols of authority, such as titles are enough to trigger a response. For example

Seeing someone with a white smock and stethoscope instantly suggests “doctor” and makes anything that person says about medicine seem more authoritative.


Despite everything we are very well aware that we are always more likely to say “yes” to those we like. We can’t say No to the ones for whom we have good and positive feelings. We are always ready to say yes to the requests made from the ones we like.


As human beings we are very consistent in our actions and words. But when we are about to make some sort of commitment, we have an urge to remain consistent. What we have to do is to get the initial commitment. This commitment can not only lead to compliance via the principle of consistency, but also to further compliance for larger requests.

Social Proof:

We just can’t underestimate the power of social media. People always go for others opinion, guidance especially when they are not sure about anything or when they are prone to uncertainty. We seek others opinion like what to other do? What do they feel? and many more.  After getting to know about the questions we act accordingly.

By keeping in mind all above 5 points luckily you can get people to say yes to you!!

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