Signs of High Intelligence, 3 surprising signs

To measure one’s intelligence is very trendy these days on internet. Many apps are available on internet which claims to measure your intelligence. Despite these, there are many misconceptions about highly intelligent people. People are always indulging in debates that how can one finds out the highly intelligent individual.

high intelligence

Albert Einstein once said:

“It is not that I am so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer”.

There is a misconception about intelligent people. Many people agree that only the person who has knowledge of everything is intelligent. But the fact is intelligent people are those who has capacity for new thoughts and ideas.

Let’s get to know about the surprising signs about highly intelligent people.

3 surprising signs of high intelligence:

  • Left-handedness is an amazing sign of intelligence:

People of old times discouraged children from writing with left hand. They often punished them and forced the child to write with their right hand. But fortunately this misconception exists no more. Because people of this age are modern and realize that left handedness is actually a gift given by God. Many researches show that people who use their left hand could be a sign that they are intellectually gifted. left handed people are able to perform much better intellectually. The reason behind this is that left handed people were more able to engage the right side of their brain. That is why they have greater capacity for inventive thoughts and are able to perform far better than other people in tests.

  • Good Sense of Humor: Another amazing sign of intelligence:

We never think of any joker, clown as being the smartest person.intelligence with humor But in reality, having the ability to make others laugh is the toughest job because to make others laugh requires a huge amount of reasoning and critical analysis thinking skills. Verbal intelligence also plays a very crucial role. Many researchers have concluded that both general and verbal intelligence has a correlation with the ability to produce humor.  In the journal Evolutionary Psychology examined humor as a measure of what the authors called “mental fitness”. They prove their research by saying that “lends support to the prediction that effective humor production acts as an honest indicator of intelligence in humans.”

  • Anxiety: surprising sign of intelligence

Anxiety is not considered as positive thing. intelligence with anxietyBut guess what despite being the fact that anxiety is worst. Researches shows that being intellectually strong is might be the reason that your mind is burdened with excessive thoughts.

Ignorance is considered bliss because having an intelligent mind may just be a curse. People with higher IQ’s worry more about the things because their minds are more active and many studies prove that high IQ correlates with high levels of anxiety.

George S. Patton once said “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” Indeed, the very things that make your mind different might also make it more powerful and more valuable to society. Don’t hide your mental differences – celebrate them. You likely have the high IQ to back it up.

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