Well, the title might seem to be of some fiction science story. And if you’re thinking that this title “A company that can link your mind with computer ” belongs to some Hollywood story. So hold on a sec dude! “You are surprisingly mistaken”.

Computer linked with brain

Elon Musk a South African-born Canadian-American business magnate, engineer and inventor. He revealed his plans of creating a company to link the human mind with computer. This will be an amazing revolution of human-technology relationship.

But the alarming question arises here.

  • A step taken in a wrong direction?
  • How will this proves to change the human experience and our connections?
  • Will this benefit society as a whole or will only the elite are able to afford it?
  • Will this advancement in society encourages the social divisions?

Despite all above questions there might many positive things about it too. So let’s get to know about the fact that how it will work.

How Elon Musk’s Company will link mind with computer?

Elon Musk has launched his newest company NEURALINK. This company is doing efforts to introduce a new technology “neural lace”.  This technology will allow the users to directly link their minds (brains) with the machines without having any sort of physical interface.

First and the foremost advantage of this technology is that this Neuralink technology will be used to treat many brain disorders. For example, Epilepsy and severe cases of depression, anxiety and many others like this.

Many researchers at the University of California and Duke University are also creating brain-computer interface technology. Because this will give people with paraplegia the ability to walk again.

Musk’s biggest hope is that one day these implants will be able to advance brain function for even healthy people. Just to give the society a competitive advantage against artificial intelligence (AI).

Musk has also said once that merging this technology with artificial Intelligence is the only best way to prevent the robotic system. Because robots have already taking over all human tasks.

People feared the Industrial Revolution for the exact same reason that they fear AI. People were scared because the think they will lose their jobs. However, if we learned anything from that time, it’s that more jobs will open up. And it will only help advance our society. Of course, there are many things we need to be cautious of when it comes to AI. But if we design AI with the intention of benefiting the collective. Then AI isn’t something to fear, but rather embrace.

Post Author: Madeeha Majeed

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