Want to be more Empathetic? Try 5 wonderful techniques

empatheticWe all need empathy in certain stage of our life, because it’s human nature. We always want someone who’ll feel exactly the same we are feeling. This cruel world needs more empathetic people to make it a beautiful place to live.

Have you ever imagined your life without your friends?? What if you had no friends to share the worst and best part of your life?? Even thinking about having no friends will haunt you because we crave someone to empathize or comfort us in our sadness.

Difference between Being Sympathetic & Empathetic

Let me clear the difference between sympathetic and empathetic. People mostly consider them same but there is a huge difference. Sympathy is feeling sorry for other person for the hardships he/she is having in life while empathy as stated before is feeling exactly the other person is feeling in any particular moment. This phrase might help to understand the true empathy meaning “I understand how exactly you are feeling and been going through”. Or “Walking a mile someone’s shoes”.


Let’s come to the point now to become more empathetic person. The most often asked question is that can we learn empathy. So it is concluded by many researchers that YES we can learn empathy by following below techniques.


5 techniques that make more empathetic:

  1. Start listening to people:

There is a very famous old saying about listening:

“The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them

The first step to feel what the other person is feeling is to listen actively what he/she is saying. After that you can share their emotions by walking in their shoes.

  1. Be more sensitive:

Be more sensitive to every detail you notice in your surrounding regarding people. Sometimes people are not expressing how they are feeling their words and actions do not match. One needs to be more vigilant to feel the same feelings of others.

  1. Get exposure by exposing to different experiences:

Never say no to new experience always be ready to experience new things in your life, explore new experiences. Because new experience will ultimately helps one to deal with different people in different situations.

  1. Always try to Strengthen relationships:

Don’t get yourself busy in life that you even forget to call your loved ones. No one is really busy we always have to make time for ones we love. Special gestures like calling loved ones, greeting them on special occasions will help you reconnect with people. This makes you more empathetic.

  1. Practice Kindness:

The best thing which makes one more empathetic is practicing kindness and loving people around without expecting anything in return. Having positive feelings for everyone like family, friends, strangers and even for the ones who are not good to you will help you to understand everyone’s situation rather than complaining.

If you promise yourself that you’ll try to help others by understanding their situation. Then believe me this world will be a wonderful place to live in for everyone.

Post Author: Madeeha Majeed

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