Famous Management tricks, everyone should know at their 20’s

Management is nothing more than motivating other people – anonymous

Learning management and to be a good manager is not easy at all. Many people only learn management by trial and error.management

But don’t worry there are many tricks proposed by researchers like Étienne Garbugli. So that one can practice and be a good manager. The tricks proposed by experts are the ones which everyone should know at their 20’s.

Moving ahead let me share those tricks. Believe me these tricks would prove to be very helpful for everyone.

Management Tricks:

  1. Multitasking is super cool. But you know what multitasking distracts you from focusing on one particular task. One should do multitasking in such a way that rather doing all things at the same time. Better completing one thing and then doing another.
  2. Don’t appreciate more working hours. Because more working hours decreases productivity. In order to be more productive you should define your working hours and work hard in those hours. Additional working hours are not encouraged.
  3. Try to plan your meeting in the early times of the day. Because as soon as the day is passing your energy levels will drain. So always organize meeting early during the day.
  4. In order to get your works done on time. Always make a to-do list then prioritize your work accordingly. One should be very careful with the to-do lists.
  5. While prioritizing your work. Keep one thing in your mind that what work will have greater impact and always choose to work on the thing that will have greater impact.
  6. Be more vigilant while doing work. If more like 80% of the work can be done by somebody else, Delegate!
  7. Give yourself some deadlines. Don’t ever let any tasks prolong and go on indefinitely.
  8. Take breaks from your daily hectic routines. But don’t make it a habit. Taking breaks sometimes will help in increasing productivity.

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