Difference between 2 psychology terms Sociopath Psychopath

Sociopath Psychopath are most commonly used terms. Which are basically conspired with Hollywood to put these two seemingly- sexy psychology terms into our consciousness. But as far as their differences are concerned they are not properly defined in psychology research. So, people find much confusion about them.

sociopath psychopath

Before getting to know about the differences. We should know that there are many general similarities between sociopath and psychopath as well. Both the terms are anti-social personality disorders but having different traits in personality. But the main similarity between the sociopath and psychopath is that both have manipulative and deceitful nature.

Chart that clearly describes the difference between sociopath psychopath:

Origin of TraitsSociopath tends to be made from environment or may be from some sort of childhood trauma.Psychopath tends to be born with genetic predisposition.
Erratic BehaviorIn general they are more impulsive and erratic in their behaviorTheir impulsivity varies; generally low
General BehaviorSociopath as compared to psychopath do not possess controlled behaviorPsychopaths have to some extend controlled behavior
Proneness to Chemical BehaviorWhen sociopath gets themselves into any criminal behavior. They have a tendency of excessive risk taking. sometimes they easily gets angry as they lack patience.When psyopaths are engaged in any sort of criminal behavior. They minimize the risk to themselves. They always make sure that they don’t get caught at all. Because they have possibilities to all situations.
Lack of emotionsEmpathy or conscience is sometimes presents in sociopaths.May sound normal in showing emotions. But in reality psychopath has no emotional attachment.
Social RelationshipsThey sometimes empathizes with their loved ones. They also feel guilty if they have ever hurt any of their loved ones.Psychopath never feels guilty. They may hurt their closed ones without realizing that they are hurting someone’s values, feelings etc.


In the last, do you think that the difference between both sociopath psychopath even matters?

No, because the both are equally deadly and dangerous in different aspects. These deadly anti-social personality disorder are very common. We should play our part to deal with these anti-social personality disorders.

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