8 signs of Gaslighting victim in a relationship


Before proceeding with the signs we must understand that what does gaslighting actually means. We hear this term more often in our surroundings. So let’s get to know about it. Gaslighting is a type of psychological manipulation in order to seek power.  Sometimes it creates a doubt in targeted person (victim) to even question his/her sanity and reality as it is a form of emotional abuse. And guess what? It works very well than you may think.

For example, there is a movie Gaslight (1994). In which the man manipulates his wife in such a manner that the wife started questioning her sanity. And she also started thinking that she is in process of losing her mind.

8 signs you are victims of gaslighting.


  1. You are always asking for sorry.
  2. You are always feeling unhappy.
  3. You often ignore bad behavior of your partner.
  4. You consider yourself less important and not good enough for others.
  5. You feel that you not capable of anything and you cannot do anything right.
  6. You do not share your stuff with your friends. Because you don’t want to explain things to your family and friends.
  7. One often pay attention to their old one personality. Thinking that you once were more confident and happy person.
  8. You are always confused which is acts as a barrier to make even simple decisions.

Always remember one thing that identifying the problem is very important. Once you get to know the problem afterwards you are able to solve it. Because there is good news about knowing is that “Knowledge is power”.

So always try to know every detail of your relationship because gaslighting gradually destroys the essence of relationship. At certain point the individual gets too much addicted to the abuser that they can’t even imagine their survival of life without that abuser. That’s why one should know the signs of gaslighting.

Post Author: Madeeha Majeed

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