4 easy ways to get rid of EGO

“When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind and beautiful.”

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The contradiction between what you think you are capable of doing certain things in life, and what actually you can do in life perfectly defines EGO.

We actually need to learn how to cope with ego. If it is not controlled properly it will bring negative influence upon our own personality as well as on anyone else.

So, let’s focus on below ways to manage it and ultimately get rid of this negative trait.

Best ways to manage Ego

We should appreciate others:

Whenever we think that our success is just due to our efforts. This sort of thoughts after achievements feed Ego. Try to give credits to the one’s who helped you to achieve your goals like your parents, mentor or any close friend. Appreciate people around you and spread happiness by giving credits to your loved ones.

Don’t blame others:

Since we all are well aware of the fact that many people have very bad habit of blaming others and they are very quick of blaming others for every problem of their own .Because it’s easy for them to blame others rather than looking inside and knowing their own flaws. Such individual’s uncontrolled ego convinces them to think that only they can be right, and indeed the rest of the world is completely wrong. This ultimately results in hurting other person’s feelings. So try not to blame others for your own faults.

Give importance to others as well:

The ego makes one feel that they are superior to others. Nobody can be as good as they are. People who are not good enough in controlling their ego focus more on physical world that they neglects the importance of inner peace, harmony and happiness. Only with knowing the importance of peace, harmony we can get true evolution and progression.

Practice Forgiveness:


Practicing forgiveness is the most powerful tool to let go of our ego. When we don’t hold to negative things we’ll be more happy and optimistic about life. One should accept, and let go of things and keep moving forward. The other biggest advantage is that this will make us humble and down to earth person.

So, let’s Start practicing above points because everyone has a chance to make one’s life beautiful.

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