Isn’t It amazing that one can Control Hiccups with Thoughts


You might have heard a lot of myths from old people to get rid of Hiccups. Let’s start with knowing the factors that what actually causes them then we’ll come to the amazing fact that we can actually control our hiccups playing with our mind that is just with our thoughts.

Factors that cause Hiccups

Well there are many factors which cause them. Few of them are listed below:      factors to cure hiccup

  • If a person eats too quickly, swallowing air along with food ends up with hiccups.
  • Chronic medical disorders like brain tumors or strokes will be a severe cause.
  • Very common cause that may be easily found in adults is stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety can induce short or even long term hiccups.
  • They are not only associated with adults but are even common in babies. Babies having gastro esophageal reflux are more prone to them.
  • Anything which upsets our diaphragm like eating too much fatty food, drinking carbonated drinks can make us get hiccups.

How to cure hiccups with thoughts

Whenever we have hiccups we try to stop them by drinking water, holding our breath, forcing our self to laugh. But guess what we can just stop them with our mind.

It has a mind connection. Let me share an incident with you guys to clarify you all, that how they are associated with mind.

It may sound funny to you but believe me it works. One day during my office hours I was badly stuck in work that suddenly I started hiccupping. Like every other person I tried almost everything to stop it but ended up disappointed.  Then my colleague said something very strange that I rolled my eyes to reassure what he said.

His main concern was that “this entire process is linked with our mind and we can control it by just thinking about it”.

He was absolutely right about it. He told me to start thinking about the diaphragm. I pictured about that muscle calming down and the results were absolutely amazing.

Almost within 15 seconds the hiccups were gone.

Human minds are most powerful to cure Hiccups.

hiccups can be cured with mind

I was well aware of the fact that our minds are the most powerful organs of our body. But after that incident my faith was almost doubled. We just have to play with our thoughts to solve so many problems.

I challenge you all to try this trick and get yourself amazed same as I got. Believe me it works as I have full proof now.

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