5 steps to heal a broken heart

Everybody is well aware of the fact that it is not easy at all to deal with a broken heart. One cannot easily get over it even though trying very hard. This suffering can lead to depression which worsens the other relationships. But don’t worry to every problem there is always a solution.


Relationship expert Susan Piver argues in her book The Wisdom of a Broken Heart

“As unlikely as it may sound, this sorrow is the gateway to lasting happiness”. We should embrace these feelings rather than not facing them.

Let me share 5 steps to deal with a broken heart. These steps will surely help to cope with the worst situation one can face.

Mend broken heart by dealing with negative thoughts

First and the foremost thing is to flush out all the negative things in your mind. Don’t underestimate yourself. Let go of all negativity which is causing harm to your inner peace. Always remember that our mind is very powerful when we order our subconscious to be positive. It ultimately trains us to see positivity in every bad situation. Stay positive!

Meditation best therapy to repair broken heart

Feeling low? Don’t know what to do? Tried almost everything but nothing works, then just get up and go for a walk. Fresh air helps soothes the mind, nature has a great way to quiet the mind dealing with the things going wrong.

Plan hangouts with friends

Going out with friends to your favorite place will help a lot. Because taking a break from routine relaxes your mind. A good laughter will help you forget about all the sad incidents pinching you inside even though for while but believe me it works.

Eat to beat stress caused by broken heart

Foods enriched with vitamins, folic acid and zinc is key to treat stress with nutrition. Experts in food and psychology concluded that eating is a great trick for staying calm.

Turn on some good music

Music is always proved to be a good therapy to deal with broken heart. Many researches have shown that music has therapeutic effect. Listening to some good tunes can helps in releasing endorphins, which ultimately boost your mood combating stress.

So, it is concluded that nothing is impossible in this world. We can mend broken heart but someone has rightly said:

“It takes a lot of courage to be sad, but a fantastic life is not one that is placidly happy.”

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